University of California, Berkeley    


Core group


Jennifer Listgarten (Professor, EECS, BAIR, Center for Computational Biology, Bioengineering)


Hanlun Jiang (postdoc)

PhD students

Akosua Busia (PhD student, EECS, BAIR, joint with Mike Jordan)
Chloe Hsu (PhD student, EECS, BAIR, joint with Moritz Hardt)
Alex Li (PhD rotation student, Bioengineering)
Hunter Nisonoff (PhD student, CCB, BAIR)
Junhao (Bear) Xiong (PhD student, EECS, BAIR, joint with Yun Song)
Clara Wong-Fannjiang (PhD. student, EECS, BAIR, joint with Mike Jordan)


Arthur Deng (EECS undergraduate)
Mrunali Manjrekar (EECS and Bioengineering undergraduate)
Inji Park (Chemistry undergraduate)
Renzo Soatto (EECS undergraduate)


Adam Arkin (UC Berkeley; phage engineering)
Jennifer Doudna (UC Berkeley; Cas9 engineering and related)
Aditi S. Krishnapriyan (UC Berkeley; machine learning, material and chemical design)
Phil Romero (U Wisconsin; library design for protein engineering)
David Savage (UC Berkeley; Cas9 engineering)
David Schaffer (UC Berkeley; AAV engineering)
Secure and Robust Biosystems Design Group (Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Columbia University, University of Maryland, University of Minnesota)

  • If you are a UC Berkeley undergraduate looking for a research position, please go here to find out more and fill out an application.
  • If you are an undergraduate from another university, I cannot currently take you.
  • If you want to do a 5th year MSc, I sometimes take 5th year MSc from UC Berkeley who have already worked with the group for at least a year.
  • If you are looking to do your PhD, applications go through academic entities such as EECS or the Center for Computational Biology, for which you should list me as a faculty of interest. For EECS applicants, please choose as your primary area, CS:AI-BIO, which in future years will be changed in our system to CS:AI-SCIENCE.
  • If you are looking for a post-doctoral position, then email me directly with that in the subject header, and include your transcript and CV.